We’re thrilled to invite you to exhibit at The Airedale Biz Showcase on Thursday 13th June 2024 at Victoria Hall, Keighley. BD21 3JN

Payment and a completed booking form is required to secure one of up to fifty small stalls available.

Pricing is based on floor space required:

  • 2m x 2m is £95 for sole traders/self employed.
  • 2m x 2m is £195 + vat businesses with 5 or more staff and are Breakfast Bites members.
  • 2m x 2m is £245 + vat for 5 or more staff who are non-Breakfast Bites members.

Event sponsorship is available and your company details will be included on all marketing collateral, website, press releases, social media and email campaigns. Please call Wendy on 01535 607775.

Please also inform us if you require electrics which will be fed from the side walls via extension leads.

To Book A Stall

  1. Call 01535 607775 or email info@airedaleenterprise.org.uk as we can’t have too many of each type of stall holder.
  2. By making your payment, you are accepting our terms & conditions below.
  3. After you’ve made your payment, please complete the Booking Form.

Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

Exhibitor stalls
1. Bookings are accepted on the basis of the description of products & services outlined on the booking form. Any deviation from the description must be with the approval and agreement of the organiser. The organiser reserves the right to ask you to remove any items on display which have not been declared previously on the booking form or agreed with the organiser prior to the festival.
2. Subletting or sharing a stand is not permitted unless with the approval and agreement of the organiser at the time of booking.
3. No extensions, additional tables or widening of stands is permitted – if a larger stand is required then this must be stated on the booking form and payment made accordingly. Likewise, if a stand has a pull-up display, backing display or banner then this must be declared at the time of booking – failure to do so will mean they are refused on the day. Please remember that a single retail stand consists of:

  • Floor space
  • Electrical power (if required)
  • Tables (6′ x 2.5′)
  • 2 chairs

4. The positioning of exhibition stands will be allocated by the festival organiser in the interest of ensuring an interesting and well-balanced Festival and the requirements of the venue. If exhibitors have particular requirements then these must be put on the booking form – wherever possible these will be taken into consideration, however the Organiser’s decision is final. Please do not ask to move to another stand as it causes further administration.
5. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse any Exhibitor without giving a reason

Payments and Cancellations
6. The price of the stand is outlined on the booking form for each event. We are not registered to charge VAT so the full price is as quoted. Full payment is required to secure the stand. 50% of payment is non refundable. If cancellation is made in writing up to 6 weeks prior to the event, 50% monies paid will be refunded. Cancellation with 6 weeks or less to go will receive no refund, full payment is required. We do not operate a roll-over system.
7. Payment in full for the stand(s) is to be paid at time of booking to secure stand via invoice.
Preference will be given to those who pay promptly. Failure to pay the full amount by the due date may result in the loss of your stand allocation. Cancellation just before an event should be notified to the organisers on 01535 607775 or via info@airedaleenterprise.org.uk

The organisers cannot be held responsible for cancellation due to communicable diseases, acts of terrorism or conditions outside of their control.

8. It is the responsibility of each Exhibitor to be aware of any current change in
legislation that affects their activities to comply with such legislation.
9. Whilst the organisers have taken every precaution to ensure a safe & secure environment for the festivals it is the responsibility of each stand holder to make sure that they have their own insurance to cover their goods & services as required by law & should have a minimum of £2million public liability insurance, a minimum of £1 million professional indemnity for any products & treatments given. No responsibility will be accepted by the organisers for claims made against any products, services or treatments or for any loss or damage to exhibitors, stock or equipment. Copies of insurance certificates must be included with the booking form at the time of booking or renewal date.

Health & Safety
10. The boundaries of the stand are the limit & extent for each Exhibitor – a single stand is
approximately 2m x 2m unless otherwise stated at the time of booking – the height of the stand including banners, backboards and lights should be no more than 2m: no goods, furniture or storage items are permitted to block aisles, doorways or fire escapes. Here’s a free generic Risk Assessment for you to amend for your own purpose.
11. Naked Flames, Hopi candles, tea lights or naked flames are not allowed at the Venue – fire regulations are so strict now with most venues . Please note this is a NO SMOKING site.

12. Electricity: All those requiring power must bring an extension lead. The maximum output per stand must be no more than 3 amps. Please ensure your equipment and leads are checked to EEC regulations i.e. PAT tested, in a good state of repair, use circuit breakers in order to ensure the safety of fellow exhibitors & visitors. Cables must be secured & taped down by the exhibitor. Wherever possible the cost of power will be remain free but if the venue requires additional payment then this will be passed onto the exhibitor.

13. All advertisements including leaflets, posters etc. should be confined to the boundaries of the stand; the leaving of leaflets at any other area of the venue including the refreshment area and the toilets is not allowed.
14. Posters: No posters are to be attached to the fabric of the building by drawing pins, sticky tape or similar – any damage charged for by the venue will be passed on to the exhibitor.

Exhibitor badges
15. Exhibitor labels: No-one will be admitted without an Exhibitor’s label, which should be worn throughout the Festival: the allocation is two per single stand – should you require further badges please put your request on the booking form with the names of those assisting you where possible. Due to the space allocated for each stand we generally allow a maximum of two people to a single stand at any one time – anymore and this infringes on neighbouring stand space. Extra people attending the stands later when the Festival is in progress and without an exhibitor badge will be charged admission at reception.

Behaviour of Exhibitors
16. All Exhibitors should act with consideration and respect for other Exhibitors, the visitors & the organiser team at all times: no activity should be disturbing or intrusive to others. The organiser reserves the right to remove anyone who does not abide by this rule with forfeit of all monies paid.

17. The Organiser require a description of the products, treatments & services you intend to offer at the festival.
In order to ensure a good mix of exhibitors, you may only use the products, treatments &
services you describe on this form.
The Organiser will promote the festival with a regional press release, email campaigns, Facebook event, local tourism/what’s on website listings, press listing and social media.
The Organiser your listing to our website with a web link to yours to help boost your Google rankings, you will receive a Media Pack including a graphic to add to social media and website.

Your participation in advertising the event
18. The low booking fee reflects the expectation that all exhibitors will co-promote the festival via their websites, social media and newsletters.

Setting up & Closing down of each festival
19. Exhibitor access for setting up will be announced for each event.
After unloading vehicles should be removed away from the loading areas so as not to restrict other exhibitors unloading. Closing down should not be until the end of the festival – closing down before this time is absolutely not permitted – it is disruptive and offensive to other exhibitors and the visiting public.
20. It is each exhibitor’s responsibility to leave the venue as clean & tidy as when they arrive – so all rubbish, including leaflets must be removed from the site.